Classes & Appointments

All Face to Face appointments and classes are suspended until further action 🙁

Following government guidelines, we ceased any face-to-face appointments in order to meet government guidelines for social distancing.

Workshops, Online Appointments & Shop

We still operated our Online shop, Online Workshop and Distance Reiki session one to one via Zoom.

Thank you and let's stay positive!!


Reiki is a complementary and non-invasive therapy, helping balance our energy levels. Face to face and Distance session

After a confidential consultation, I will select a mix of flower remedies to help with your emotion imbalances.

During the session a scan of 10 fingers will be conducted, after these reading, software will analyse and produce 2 reports.


Land of Reiki and Aroma is the Florais de Saint Germain face in the UK

For more information, please contact through our phone or Say Hello