A beautiful meeting


Life is a collection of many meetings and most part of the time,
a special meeting can change your life forever.

Like I do every year, I went to Brasil to enjoy my holidays ( I prefer to type Brasil with “S”, not with “Z”, because “S” is the correct one, and also S is the first letter of Sun). Anyway… always it’s a beautiful time to see my dearest family, friends and friends that I met on virtual world, but now I can really be in the same room, sharing good energy, smiles, conversation, information and having a wonderful coffee, brigadeiro sweet and Honey bread (Pão de mel, very special packing), well what can I say? Unforgettable time.

On 22nd of March, 2016, São Bernando do Campo, São Paulo, Brasil, I begun officially my journey with Saint Germain Flower Essences – Florais de São Germain, to be their representant in the UK.

it’s the word that came in my mind, for this opportunity.

I’d like to thanks to Neide Margonari (Channeler of the Saint Germain Flower Essence system), Franco Margonari Larruzi (International Channel Coordinator) and Talita Margonari Larruzi (CEO), a beautiful and kind family. I felt welcome and I could see by my own eyes the entire manufacturing process (without electrical machines) of the flower essences and how important is to be kind with them.


Thank you Noêmia Marti, my online teacher, with her continuous support, friendship and my sweet family.

And I’d like to thanks God, my guardian Angel, Mother Mary and Gaya, for guide me and continuously whispering in my ears, giving me the inspiration to follow my heart!