Rather than a disorder, Autism Syndrome may be seen as a growing phenomenon.In 2007, statistics in the USA pointed out a rate of 1 to every 300 births, whereas ten years later, the rate has risen up to 1 in every 68 births.

In the UK,it's estimated that about 1 in every 100 people has ASD, according to the NHS. The causes are still unknown for the scientists. ASD is still an enigma.

In less developed countries, as Brazil, families that receive an ASD diagnose for a child, faces a tremendous challenge: difficulties to find a proper treatment and schools; not to mention their financial limitations. So, with these growing rates of incidence, how can we assure a proper living for the new generations?

In 2005, Rosana Souto had chance to enter into the autism universe, by having as a client, a young man, who was diagnosed as classical autistic.
The results obtained along four years with this client, that was taking regularly a specific combination of flower essences, it was so encouraging, that from that time on, she has started to teach and promote flower essences as a powerful tool to address those who are diagnosed with ASD.

Despite of the challenges of dealing with a product hardly known by the majority of the population of Brazil, as well as by most ASD researchers, gradually, the flower essences have started to be included at social institutions aimed to offer assistance to people to autism.

Last year, after receiving many requests of ASD children mothers for help, Rosana Souto launched a research initiative to track the use of flower essences for this public – Projeto Jardim Azul ( the Blue Garden Project ).

In addition, she started to work as a volunteer and researcher at AAMPARA,  an Association that provides treatment and support for people with ASD and their families, in Curitiba, Brazil.

For us, in this workshop, Rosana Souto will share with us, how she approaches to these children according to flower essence therapy, as well her experience with Bach and Saint Germain Flower Essences to address their most challenging areas.

Come and listen how flower essences are already changing the future of these children and families!

Thursday, March, 22nd 

3 pm to 6 pm

Addressing children with ASD with flower essences

A light of hope for the future


 with Rosana Souto


Fee £ 15.00

Essential Solutions School of Complementary Therapy
20 James Street, Kimberley, Nottingham, NG16 2LP
Refreshments included!


  • Flower Essences: an innovative concept of product.
  • Basic principles of flower essence research.
  • Flower essences - main characteristics and administration methods.
  • Physics expanding the understanding of human nature.
  • Notions of subtle bodies and Chakras.
  • The challenges of the children of the new time: acceleration and sensitivity.

Useful flower essences to address people with ASD, comprising:

  • Adjusting inner rhythm,
  • Social interaction & communication,
  • Stereotyped, restricted and/or repetitive behaviour patterns.
  • Addressing families and carers
  • The Brazilian experience at social institutions.

Rosana Souto

  • Chemical Engineer specialized in Intellectual Property.
  • Saint Germain Flower Essences(BR) Master Practitioner and field trainer ( MóduloConexão )
  • Flower Essence Society– FES(USA) Certified Flower Essence Practitioner.
  • FES,BachHealingherbs( BR) and Alaskan Essences ( USA )authorized teacher, with more than twenty five years of therapeutic practice.
  • Volunteer responsible for the introduction of Flower Essence Therapy ( Saint Germain Flower Essences ) at AAMPARA ( Care and Support Association for people with autism, Curitiba, BR  ), 2017.
  • Responsible for The Blue Garden Project( Projeto Jardim Azul ) – a research initiative aiming to track the use of flower essences in children with autism.
  • Volunteer responsible for the introduction of Flower Essence Therapy at the social institution “OsSeareiros/NúcleoMãeMaria”.Counsellor of the flower essence therapy team (from 1998 to today).
  • Consultant for implementing flower essence therapy at “Terra Firme” private school, in Curitiba, Brasil.
  • British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association International Friend.
  • Member of the European Network for Social and Emotional Competence ( ENSEC ).