Aromatic Tonics

It’s a cold, grey Sunday morning in late winter. You look out of the window at the fine but persistent drizzle and, through the depressing trickle of raindrops down the glass, you see the jobs that need doing in the garden. If this scene describes your general mood, you may only be showing the occasional sort of emotional and spiritual drain that everybody feels at some time, which awaits you after struggling out of bed in the morning.

Fresh mint in closeup
Fresh mint in closeup

Aromatherapy is not going to bring you a sudden vision of the meaning of life, if you were wondering what on earth it was all for, but it can give you a lift and it can add some zest to your everyday life, especially if you get into the habit of using aromatherapy regularly. Then, with your spirits brightened and your senses sharpened, you may well feel up to whatever it was that was troubling you, and once you’ve got up there and done it, maybe it won’t be so difficult next time.

If you can’t get to the seaside, but you still want to experience the bracing effect of a breath of ozone, find enough time to pay a visit to your aroma box instead and look to find some or all of these essential oils. Your ingenuity should be rewarded with a totally invigorating experience which can be relied upon to brace and uplift those who are down in the mouth.

LAVANDA CI0015 COLORFrom the top Ten

  • Eucalyptus, geranium, juniper, lemon balm or melissa, rosemary. Add, of you wish, for more interest and variety, some of:
  • Basil, bergamot, lemon, peppermint and for more versatility, there are also
  • Black pepper, cypress, ginger, grapefruit, orange, palmarosa.

Try cypress geranium and grapefruit together, or eucalyptus, grapefruit and rosemary. Experiment also by adding one of the relaxer oils to two of the revivers, giving you a blend suitable for those times when you need the motivation of pick-me-up but you also need your nerves steadying. For example, before a big occasion, try palmarosa and lemon with sandalwood, or bergamot and palmarosa with clary sage, or any of them with lavender.