Bed of Roses

rose_flowerThe seductive power of scent and the way in which it lifts our spirits is rooted deep within us – whether it’s the smell of newly mown grass, the mouth-watering smell of baking i the kitchen, or the crisp clean fragrance of fresh laundry.

Bring a woody fragrance to your laundry by adding some drops of Patchouli or Frankincense to distilled water in your steam iron.

For restful sleep and sweet dreams mix 15 drops of Rose Attar (Otto) or Lavender oil to 125 ml of water and spray over your bed linen.bed_essential_oils

Keep drawers fresh by lining them with wallpaper or sachet that has first been cut to size and sprayed with a strong aromatic concentrate of your chosen essential oil (40 drops to 50 ml of water).


Itipsf you have an open fire perfume the room
by burning aromatic plants such as
Lavender flowers and rosemary twigs.

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