Welcome in September

Welcome in September Sharing a very good  Astrological information from Reinhardt R., thank you for sent it 🙂  ……..What a month August was. Did you feel it?  Not only was Mercury retrograde, we were also showered with eclipses and falling stars.  The energies were quite turbulent, from quick changes to stagnation and back again. The retrograde certainly gave Read More


Reiki and Permission

After a bank Holiday, well rested,  I brought to you a lovely Article by Ashwita Goel, Reiki Master “Across healing modalities, one aspect remains common: one is not allowed to heal another without consent. And yet, this is probably the most flagrantly violated one too, as we give in to desires to ‘fix’ another person. Not Read More


The second sex

Hello there:) Today, I would like to share with you an article from New Acropole magazine, 22 issue The second sex is a book from Simone De Beavouir and her experience as a woman. To read the full article click The second sex


Florais de Saint Germain – Plant Consciousness

Hello dear visitor! Florais de Saint Germain flower essences will be on Plant Consciousness Event, September 23rd & 24th. We will be selling flower essences stock, formulas, books and flower cards! A special gift is waiting for you there!! Tickets to the event, you can find HERE See you there!!  


Skincare – The eyes

In our series Face oils, today, part 4,  it is time for the eyes The eyes are said to be the seat of the soul. Certainly, we spend enough on making them look attractive. Millions of pounds are spent each year o eye makeup. But no amount of mascara or eyeliner can hide the problems Read More