Christmas synergy

Other useful article about Aromatherapy on Therapy Directory    Christmas synergy “The spiritual dimension of essential oils is well known and has been used by people throughout recorded history. Indeed, from the earliest times it is clear that people have been using essential oils – or the materials they are extracted from – in prayer, meditation, Read More


A present from me to You

present me You Another beautiful  message from my friend Nicky It is a bless to have you live a friend. Thank you Nicky! She wrote .. “ Posted on 6. December 2017by thesentientgarden Today is Saint Nicholas’ day. As my name is Nicola, if I were catholic it would be my ‘Name’s day’ as they call it Read More


Winter and our Skin

A warm welcome to you that decided to read my post and I hope you find it useful for our moment,  I would like to share with you my new article at Therapy Directory!! “Today is a beautiful day, blue sky, calm wind, but we need a lot of gadgets to keep us warm. The Read More


Grandiflora Flower Essence

Grandiflora Flower Essence Thumbergia grandiflora Florais de Saint Germain Suggested use: For those who like to cause  others some sort of torment, mental, emotional or physical. For those who are selfish, dishonest and disloyal. Grandiflora flowers essence can help to bring the true self to the surface,  what is hidden behind the mask and helps to purifies, Read More


Goiaba Flower Essence

Goiaba flower essence – Florais de Saint Germain. Suggested use: Goiaba flower essence can help to deal with concrete fears in general. It can bring courage to face situations of a great pressure, great tests of soul. More info  and shop: Goiaba flower essence