Florais de Saint Germain Introductory Course


Is this workshop right to you?
If you are in one of these situations, probably the answer will be, yes
  • You are searching to find a way to know more about yourself and looking for ways to take your life in your hands,
  • You already started the process and  it will be your first contact with flower essences and you are curious to know more about them,
  • Or you are taking flower essences and you are reading about and would like to improve and have hands on.

Web Class one to one

5 lessons of 1 hour and 30 minutes each one

Blessings from the Brazilian Atlantic forest to enlighten your life!

Course Fee: £ 115.00
For online group there is a discount available!

Materials, Certificate included


What will be covering?
  • Brief history of Flower Essence Therapy.
  • Edward Bach and the Great White Brotherhood. Flower Essences: a new concept of product.
  • Neide Margonari´s call and the Saint Germain flower essences research - composition of and main features of the range.
  • Physics and human nature. Notions of Chakras and subtle bodies.Evidences of flower essences actuation by bioelectrography research.
  • Administration and preparation techniques for people and animals.
  • Saint Germain Flower Essences: presentation of the full range
  • Expanding the emotional repertoire. Developing the boundaries of Self. Self-esteem and deserving. Releasing the chains of the past. Creativity and learning. Protection and spiritual development

At the end of workshop, you will feel confident to choose a mix of flower essence(s) to address your moment and for family members.

Come to discover what Florais de Saint Germain Flower Essences can do for your life!

Venue - online class
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