Aromatic Sleep

Aromatic Sleep When asked to pick their top two oils for helping people get to sleep, most of the aromatherapists around the world would probably say chamomile and sweet marjoram, with split votes for lavender, sandalwood or ylang ylang as a best third. If you find that these oils used on their own are not Read More

Skincare – The eyes

In our series Face oils, today, part 4,  it is time for the eyesThe eyes are said to be the seat of the soul. Certainly, we spend enough on making them look attractive. Millions of pounds are spent each year o eye makeup. But no amount of mascara or eyeliner can hide the problems that Read More

Reiki and Aromatherapy

Re-post my article published on Therapy Directory two weeks ago 🙂 Reiki and Aromatherapy Today I would like to share with you a nice and effective combination between two therapies, Reiki and Aromatherapy. First of all we need to establish that Reiki treatments/sessions, manipulation as we know as massage do not apply. So, how to Read More

Heady Scents

Many carrier oils make wonderful conditioning treatments for your hair. Choose from Jojoba, peach kernel, Argan, and extra virgin olive oil to give your hair a lustrous shine. Select your hair type from the list above and see which essential oils are best suited to you.   Add 2 drops of Rosemary or Sandalwood to Read More

Skin Care – Cleansers

Effective cleansing is an important part of any skin care routine. Grime from the atmosphere combines with the body’s natural oils on the surface of the skin and, if not regularly removed, the result is often clogged pores and spots. Each skin type benefits from different care with a cleanser matched to its particular requirements. Read More