Flower Essences therapy

Last month I had opportunity to write an article on Therapy Directory and now I am re-blog the article to keep together with others related to Flower Essences therapy. Flower essences therapy is not such a popular therapy in the UK, despite the beautiful and unique work from Dr Edward Bach (1886 – 1936). Let Read More

The use of flower essences in Brazil

Brazil, like many other countries, has many issues regarding health system. Brazilian health system (SUS) cannot cope with demand and to increase the problem, government funds are “diverted” to pay bills of corrupt politicians. The population suffers constantly. No help or support from government body. According census 2010, Brasil has 190.755.799 inhabitants, area 8,511,965 sq Read More

The Soft power of Flower Essences

Flower Essences are becoming increasingly popular with people who recognise that health is significantly affected by their state of mind. The ones that you are most likely to come across in the chemist or in health food shops are Bach Flower Remedies®, but there are an increasing number of different flower essences becoming available. Specialist Read More

Hello to you!!

Tomorrow, 8th September, is our workshop! I am looking forward to see you there! TIN HAT – NG16 6BW But for now, I would like to share one of the flower remedies: Impatiens, a beautiful flower with a delicate mauve colour, waiting patiently to receive the sun and bees. Impatiens is for those cannot wait, Read More

Water Violet

Water Violet is a flower essence for pride and gives peace and calm. The healing properties of the Bach Flower Remedy Water Violet, one of Dr Bach’s Twelve Healers. This short film features Julian Barnard, world renowned Bach expert, in conversation with Nickie Murray.   Read More

Vervain – Bach Flower Essence

Vervain is a remedy for stress and gives quiet and tranquillity. Vervain is for those with fixed principles and ideas, which they are confident are right and which they rarely change; those needing Vervain are determined but highly strung, over-achieving and keyed-up. They put unnecessary effort into everything they undertake, pushing themselves beyond their physical Read More