Japanese Water Therapy

Japanese Water Therapy What a nice idea!! I incorporated in my day routine and you? Check this information that I found on Japanese Water therapy The (early) hours in the morning are the ‘’golden hours’’. A lot can be done before starting the day. Oil pulling, drinking lemon water, dry brushing, meditation/praying and squeezing in a quick work out are all Read More

Winter times

Sharing a nice email from Nick Polizzi where he suggest a daily practice to increase our energy before start your day. To complete his suggestion, I’d like to add a Gasho meditation together, for those who are Reiki student/practitioner to boost our day intention. Let’s have a look …. Hello there 🙂 With the onset of Read More

A Message from the Earth

My friend Nicola wrote this beautiful poem and now I am sharing with you. So important and so true! We need an action and we can be the action, one by one, we can make the difference, helping Mother Earth Gaia <3 I wrote this in the night when Hurricane Irma was threatening the USA and Read More

7 Tips for Improving Your Intuition

I read many books from Penney Peirce and one of my favourites is The Intuitive Way: The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness, it is like a Manual to be together with you when you decided to work and develop your intuition, full of exercises and meditations/visualisations. Today I would like to share with you this article Read More