Reiki for Asthma

Today I am sharing a very good post from IARP.  I received by their newsletter 🙂 “Reiki for Asthma Millions of people all around the world are living with asthma. Most patients are able to control their symptoms with various treatments, such as inhalers or oral medications. However, integrative treatments are also available to help Read More

How Can Reiki Help People with Digestive Disorders?

Article from IARP is always welcome and always very good information for Reiki community. Today I am sharing this article – How can Reiki help people with digestive disorders. Thank you  IARP About Reiki and Digestive Disorders Digestive disorders dramatically impact the sufferer’s quality of life. Depending on the issue, the sufferer may be forced to Read More

How Reiki Can Help You Beat the Winter Blues

Another lovely post from IARP that I would like to share with you. A big deal for us during winter times… where days without sun, sunshine, cold and less energy…. and how Reiki can help us to enjoy life and see the beauty in each season. Enjoy it From – IARP – ( “The days Read More

Using Reiki for Autoimmune Diseases

Using Reiki for Autoimmune Diseases Another interesting post of IARP and as I do every month, I am sharing with you Reiki: Its Role in Treating Autoimmune Diseases Autoimmune diseases can affect people of any age or background. When these diseases develop, the symptoms range from mild to debilitating, often reducing the quality of life Read More

Reiki and Heart Disease

I found this article on IARP newsletter and I must share with you Reiki and Heart Disease Cardiovascular diseases are currently the number one cause of death worldwide, according to the World Health Organisation. Approximately 17.5 million people died from these illnesses just in 2012, and the number continues to increase with each passing year Read More