New page – Books & references

Bibliography References The following books are Sol Carneiro – Land of Reiki & Aroma recommendations from the many available on each subject. There are some, that is possible to download, because there are free. Enjoy it!!  Reiki  Hall, Mari, Reiki for Common Ailments, Piatkus, 1999 Hall, Mari, Reiki for the Soul, Thorsons, 2000 Quest, Penelope, Read More

Saint Germain Flower Essences

From the book “Saint Germain Flower Essences – The Twelve Divine Rays“, Neide Margonari makes an alert to the syntoniseurs and issue a clarification to the users of flower essences. “The floral essences, a supraphysical modality of therapeutic action, are not of the type to be made by machines or in electrical equipment (industrial or not) Read More