Leucantha essence and Leucantha ready formula

Leucantha flower essence (Bidens leucantha) This flower essence helps children, teenagers, and adults in the following position. When the pregnancy is unwanted, is very common to hear ” I didn’t want this baby now”, even if seconds later the mother accepts the pregnancy, the energetic link between mother and baby is compromised by the feeling Read More

Attention Deficit Disorder

Attention Deficit Disorder and Florais de Saint Germain Flower essence combination suggested in the video comes to act as a complementary therapy to the traditional treatment. If traditional treatment is causing agitation due to the side effects of allopathy, add AMEIXA in the formula indicated in the video. The formula indicated in the video is Read More

Florais de Saint Germain and Mindfulness

Special for you in 2017! When you have difficulties to disconnect from the external world in your Mindfulness or Meditation moment, Florais de Saint Germain flower essences can help you, bringing focus, peace and calmly acknowledging your feelings. Florais Saint Germain Mindfulness A special combination of 5 flower essences: Geranio – giving focus, Cidreira – calming Read More

Students Formula – Saint Germain Flower Essence

Students Formula Concentration for apprenticeship, memory, will power, organisation and perseverance. Works internal discipline, determination and perseverance. Reveals hidden talents. Transmutes impatience, intolerance, rigid postures. Restores self-esteem, releases humiliation. Helps to mature. *Flower essences are natural. This product is not a drug and has no indication against. It can be associated with any allopathic treatment Read More

Aromatic Sleep

When asked to pick their top two oils for helping people get to sleep, most of the aromatherapists around the world would probably say: chamomile and sweet marjoram, with split votes for lavender, sandalwood or ylang ylang as a best third. If you find that these oils used on their own are not doing a Read More