A Time For Rain: Teaching Our Children About Sadness

Last post was about SAD syndrome and for this one I would like to share how to teach our little ones about Sadness. Not just Adult can benefit with Reiki, but also children. This post form Kelly Brogan MD A Time For Rain: Teaching Our Children About Sadness By Kelly Brogan, MD Stop crying Danny! That tears Read More

Daily Wisdom from Laurence Freeman

The contemplative dimension of faith is this dimension of experience that lies at the heart of all faith and in the core of the human being. It’s a way into the ultimate mystery that awaits us beyond the reach of words or concepts or even beliefs. The important thing to realise is that this ultimate Read More

A present from me to You

present me You Another beautiful  message from my friend Nicky It is a bless to have you live a friend. Thank you Nicky! She wrote .. “ Posted on 6. December 2017by thesentientgarden Today is Saint Nicholas’ day. As my name is Nicola, if I were catholic it would be my ‘Name’s day’ as they call it Read More

Winter and our Skin

A warm welcome to you that decided to read my post and I hope you find it useful for our moment,  I would like to share with you my new article at Therapy Directory!! “Today is a beautiful day, blue sky, calm wind, but we need a lot of gadgets to keep us warm. The Read More