Chakras emotional behavioural issues

Chakras emotional behavioural issues



Emotions and Behaviour issues


Addictions, blame game, burdened, can’t get convinced, distrust, discourage, fearful, fear of past/future, feel numb, financial insecurity, greedy, guilt, grief, hypocrisy, inability to accept changes, long carried hatred, instability, insecurity, materialistic, nervous, no integrity, old resentment, past anger, rage, sexual pressure, tension, unable to let go of old ideas, unbalanced life, un-grounded


Anger, anger towards partner, addiction, blame others, belief that sex is bad, clingy, can’t move on, control freak, creativity blockage, distrust, depression, denial of own needs, expect worst, fear of parent, feel ashamed, feel numb, feel victimised, feel embarrassed, frustration, guilt, impatient, introvert, infidelity, lack of motivation, nervous, no self-support, no self-confidence, obsessive behaviour, old beliefs, over-eating, rejecting particular gender, sexual overdrive, tension, uptight, unspoken bitterness, unexpressed emotions, unworthiness, vindictive towards ex

Solar Plexus

Anxiety, anger, aggressive, bitterness, blame others, careless towards self and others, chronic issues, control issues, doesn’t stand up for what is right, denial of self-power, dwell on past, dread, dominating, egoistic, feel doomed, fear, fear of rejection, feel powerless, felt unloved as a child, indecisive, keep justifying, low self-esteem, low self, confidence, passive, self-criticise, suppressed feelings, unresolved issues, unable to make decisions, unexpressed emotions-love, fear, anger


Block love, block happiness and joy, commitment issues, cold and distant, despair, depression, hatred, feel stifled, fear, desperation, difficulty in giving and receiving, feel everyone is ‘using’ them, grief, lack of compassion, heartbreak, hopelessness, lack of self-love, lack of love, sadness, selfish love, self-pity, suppressed emotions, suppressed tears, trust denial, unexpressed-sorrow, love, anger


Abusive, addiction, bad listener, can’t say yes/no, confusion, criticism, fear of speech, communication problem, feel ‘unable to do according to wish’, feel like you can’t control the situation, hatred towards authority, humiliation, introvert, incapable of saying what is in mind and heart, judgemental, not speaking truth, no will-power, think ‘what others will think’, self-dislike, self-denial, shy, suppressed emotions and anger, suppressed creativity, talking too much, too quiet, unable to speak up, unable to ask what you need, unable to put your point of view, want to hit someone

Third Eye

Aloofness, anger, dislike towards someone, doesn’t want to accept truth, doesn’t want to look into own life, doesn’t want to see what is going on with friends and family, difficulty in planning long term future, feel rejected, hallucination, irritation, lack of happiness, rigid thinking, scattered thoughts, self-unworthiness, self-criticism, self-centred, stubborn, stifled thinking, superstitious, unresolved emotional issues, unforgiveness, unable to cope, won’t learn from experience


Believes in old beliefs like unforgivable sins, being over-intellectual all the time, depression, energy blockage, emotional imbalance, feeling lost, inability to trust life-values, lack of self-understanding, lack of faith, lack of inspiration, lesser wisdom, overly spiritual, prejudiced towards world, rigid thinking, spiritual hatred, selfish, un-grounded, unable to accept new ideas, unable to receive universal power, unethical