Detox flower essence combination


Talita Margonari Lazzuri in this video shares some Detox Flower Essences from Florais de Saint Germain who can support and promote a cleanser process in our body at different levels.

Algodao: it can remove dense energies that block our channels of communication with our Soul. Facilitates 'listening' and 'seeing', clarifying our inner perception.
Flor Branca: can help to clean and promotes changes of useless habits and attitudes
Flor Branca + Poaia Rosa: together they can promote habits changes, as for example: eat more healthy.
Maca: it can promote cleanings and movement against inertia and putting into action changes.
Ameixa: Detox Floral Essence
Aveia Selvagem + Canela + Ameixa: Heavy Metal Cleaning
Limão+ Canela + Flor Branca + Allium + Ipê Roxo: blood depurative
Bambusa: Cleaning of electromagnetic and radioactive influences

Select the flowers according to your need and request through our Shop on line HERE

Your flower essence combination should be made in an amber glass jar of volume 30 ml.

Take orally 4 drops 4 times a day or 8 drops twice a day.
Take at least for one to three months.