Essential oils affect the body when inhaled

05angier02_600We know that two olfactory nerve tracts run right into the limbic system (the part of the brain concerned with memory and emotion), which means that scents can evoke an immediate and powerful response.

A delightful way to scent a room to bring wonderful feelings and specific oils can be chosen to create different atmospheres: frankincense and cedarwood
have been used traditionally in a ritual context to create a peaceful and relaxed mood. 

Citronella or lemongrass also provides an excellent way of keeping insects at bay or clearing the air of unwanted smells.

olfactory_memoryI can tell some of my own experience about the link, like:

  • smell of garlic with onion brings me back to my mother’s kitchen;
  • smell of coffee: reminds me my grandfather and his coffee plantation in Brazil,
  • clean sheets: nice memories about my childhood.

Because the emotional responses will bring back nice or horrible memories. So it is very important choose the best synergy to help to improve the treatment. When the blended oils are working harmoniously together, then the combination will help the process.

So a good assessment will give to Sol, an idea what is the best combination for you

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