Examples of essential oils that should be used with caution

There are essential oils that should be use with caution. I love them, but to avoid allergic reaction or other side effect. So, let’s have a look some of them 

  • Fennel should not be used by epileptics or during pregnancy, need to be used with moderation because can cause sensitisation (for sensitive skin).
bottle of cinnamon aromatherapy oil - beauty treatment
  • Cinnamon – advised not to use with children under 6 years of age. Women who are pregnant should avoid using this oil.
 Oregano Essential Oil
  • Oregano – can cause extreme skin irritation (dilution is highly recommended). And may irritate the nasal membranes if inhaled directly from the bottle, so please be cautious
  • Wintergreen – if accidentally ingested, it can cause severe damage to internal organs like the liver and kidneys. One more cautionary note, excessive external application on the skin can also turn fatal because of absorption of excessive Menthyl Salicylate in the tissues and consequently in the blood stream.
  • Juniper – must not be used during pregnancy because it stimulates the uterine muscle.
  • Peppermint can cause some side effects including heartburn, and allergic reactions including flushing, headache, and mouth sores.

If you’d like to considerate to use them, it is recommend to blend them with a lovely carrier oil, like Peach Kernel, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, in the proportion of 30 ml carrier oil – 10 drops of essential oil.