Florais de Saint Germain Online Workshop

Florais de Saint Germain Workshop



Platform Zoom Meeting

5 lessons of 3 hours each one - 15 hours

5th, 6th, 12th, 13th  - 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
e 7th November - 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

London Time - to check yours- HERE

Investment:  £ 134.00

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Materials, Certificate included


Neide Margonari
Neide Margonari

Launched in 1996 by Neide Margonari, a Brazilian renowned architect and artist,
Saint Germain flower essences is one of the most popular ranges of nowadays in Brazil and in Spanish speaking countries. The range features essences from native flowers of the Atlantic forest, enabling people to receive their blessings worldwide.

Come to discover what Saint Germain Flower Essences can do for your life!



What will be covering?
  • Brief history of Flower Essence Therapy.
  • Edward Bach and the Great White Brotherhood. Flower Essences: a new concept of product.
  • Neide Margonari´s call and the Saint Germain flower essences research - composition of and main features of the range.
  • Physics and human nature. Notions of Chakras and subtle bodies.Evidences of flower essences actuation by bioelectrography research.
  • Administration and preparation techniques for people and animals.
  • Saint Germain Flower Essences: presentation of the full range
  • Expanding the emotional repertoire. Developing the boundaries of Self. Self-esteem and deserving. Releasing the chains of the past. Creativity and learning. Protection and spiritual development

Rosana, Neide e Talita 

About Rosana Souto

  • BFVEA International Friend: a pioneering Brazilian Flower Essence Practitioner, author and Educator with 30 years of therapeutic practice.
  • Responsible for implementing flower essence therapy at social institutions aiming to assist children with learning difficulties, people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and at schools.
  • Bach Healingherbs authorised teacher in Brazil since 2002.
  • Flower Essence Society (California, USA) Certified practitioner and authorised teacher of the FES Practitioner Training and Certification Program since 2003.
  • Saint Germain flower essences master practitioner and teacher since 2003.
  • Chemical Engineer specialised in Intellectual Property by WIPO (Intellectual Property Organisation) with twelve years of experience in the technological field.