Using Bach Flower Essences



The diversity of the use of Bach Flower Essences in the world: from homes to schools, social institutions and hospitals.

  • The innovative concept of flower essences.
  • A review of Dr Bach´s practice along his flower essences research phases.
  • The meaning of Bach flower essences for the present times: are they still necessary?
  • Dr Bach´s final classification: a general overview.
  • Enhancing Bach Flower Essences selection.
  • Basic guidelines for an effective choice of essences.
  • Bach plants observation as a teacher.
  • What does a plant need to bloom? How can we provide this in the soul territory?
  • Addressing basic nuclei of the human soul: peace within yourself - essences that favour the work of the Agrimony core.
  • The great lesson of detachment - essences that favour the work of the Chicory core.
  • Living is my delight - essences that help Rock Water and Oak people to release their ties.
  • Learning to say no and to strengthen your opinion - working Centaury and Cerato cores.
  • Love, acceptance and compassion - the Vine and Beech nuclei.
  • My place is here and now - essences that favour the Clematis core work.
  • I love company - essences that favour Impatiens, Water Violet and Heather people not to feel alone and much more!
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Rosana Souto

 BFVEA International Friend: a pioneering Brazilian Flower Essence Practitioner, author and Educator with 30 years of therapeutic practice. Responsible for implementing flower essence therapy at social institutions aiming to assist children with learning difficulties, people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and at schools. Bach Healingherbs authorised teacher in Brazil since 2002. Flower Essence Society (California, USA) Certified practitioner and authorised teacher of the FES Practitioner Training and Certification Program since 2003. Saint Germain flower essences master practitioner and teacher since 2003. Chemical Engineer specialised in Intellectual Property by WIPO (Intellectual Property Organisation) with twelve years of experience in the technological field.