Emotional Support with Floral essences e Psycho-Aromatherapy

“Treat the person, not the disease. The cause, not the effect.”

Dr. Edward Bach

emotional support flower essence aromatherapy

Emotional support with Floral essences e Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy for emotion - the use of essential oils (chemical compounds extracted from plants) for emotional healing, a process where the instant memory can be access through our olfactory system and the plant proprieties can be absorb by skin and breath, helping our physical body to relax and heal.

Floral Essences also for emotional & mental healing, acting as a support during our process of self-discovery. The specific information / proprieties are transferred to the water through the solar or boiling method, created by Dr Edward Bach  in the beginning of 20th century.

As the water has the capacity to retain information, the act to take orally those floral essences will transfer to us that information  we need .

Floral Essences are simple and effective and can bring more balance and harmony for our every day lives. 

Sol's approach:  through a confidential consultation, listening carefully, to get to know about your present moment and what you are experiencing, where every detail is important: feelings. pains, mental dialogs, discomfort.
From there I will suggest a combination of floral essences and a Essential oil  to be used for 10 days. After that we review and move forward to the next step.
"Flower essences will be acting in your energetic body and Essential oils in your physical body, together they will be supporting and helping your body, mind, emotion and spirit to find their own natural balance."
As part of the consultation, 2 bottles will be prepared.

Confidential consultation can take place in person or online.

Note : for Online consultation, the treatment bottles will be dispatched by post and postage costs will be added.

There aren't  such a magical potion that will help you  quickly, it is a continuous process and both tools (essential oil and floral essences) may help you to find what you are looking for.

  • Floral essences are suitable for adults, children, plants and animals;
  • Flower essence are natural;
  • Non-toxic;
  • Clients do not get addicted to them;
  • Do not produce any allergic reactions to those who are allergic to pollen.

More information

How the flower remedies are prepared and how do they act in our body?

"There is an electromagnetic pattern, a specific vibration in each plant and consequently in each flower. During the preparation of the flower remedies this vibration passes into the water, which is the driving vehicle of this information. By taking orally the flower remedies you begin to modulate your own energy, thus adjusting your antenna, attuning everything that surround you. Remembering ... the Universe does not understand words, It understands vibrations." Neide Margonari