Flower Essences for wellbeing

“Treat the person, not the disease. The cause, not the effect.”

Dr. Edward Bach

flower essences for wellbeing

Flower Essences for well-being

When we feel this desire to dive, get to know and transform ourselves, we go through several processes such as: the recognition of our shadows, our qualities and limitations, difficulties in seeing negative patterns/beliefs. And dealing with all these is not always easy to do alone.

Looking for help/support is not a sign of weakness, and we don't need to look for help only when the crisis is installed, we can benefit from these tools precisely to avoid getting into the crisis, taking the reins of life back with balance and wisdom.

Each Human Being is unique, and perceives the world in a unique way, as well as the Journey that will lead to self-knowledge.

With all this, it is exceedingly difficult to label the appointment, use ready-made protocols or create a standard treatment.

​​My approach is based on Bach Flower Remedies and Saint Germain Flower Remedies, body's "language of body's signs" and Metaphysics being used as support tools.

At each consultation we identify the points to be worked on, and then, according to the client's needs, I integrate other techniques such as: Reiki, Meditation, EFT and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming).

Consultations last 60 minutes and take place every 15 days, in the first cycle of 4 sessions, in the next cycles they can be spaced as appropriate.

£35.00 each session, plus Flower essences combination bottle.


"Flower essences will be acting in your energetic body, supporting and helping your body, mind, emotion and spirit to find their own natural balance."
As part of the consultation, 2 bottles will be prepared.

Confidential consultation can take place in person or online.

Note: for Online consultation, the treatment bottles will be dispatched by post and postage costs will be added.

There is not  such a magical potion that will help you  instantly, it is a continuous process and both tools (essential oil and floral essences) may help you to find what you are looking for.

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How the flower remedies are prepared and how do they act in our body?

"There is an electromagnetic pattern, a specific vibration in each plant and consequently in each flower. During the preparation of the flower remedies this vibration passes into the water, which is the driving vehicle of this information. By taking orally the flower remedies you begin to modulate your own energy, thus adjusting your antenna, attuning everything that surround you. Remembering ... the Universe does not understand words, It understands vibrations." Neide Margonari