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The following books are Sol Carneiro – Land of Reiki & Aroma recommendations from the many available on each subject. There are some, that is possible to download, because there are free.

Enjoy it!! 


  • Hall, Mari, Reiki for Common Ailments, Piatkus, 1999
  • Hall, Mari, Reiki for the Soul, Thorsons, 2000
  • Quest, Penelope, Reiki for Life, Piatkus, 2002
  • Quest, Penelope, Self-Healing with Reiki, Piatkus, 2009
  • Quest, Penelope, The Reiki Manual, A training Guide for Reiki Students, Practitioners and Masters, Penguin Group, 2011
  • Quest, Penelope, Living the Reiki Way, Piatkus, 2013
  • Petter, Frank Arjava, Tadao Yamaguchi, Chujiro Hayashi, The Hayashi Reiki Manual, Lotus Press, 2003
  • Yamaguchi, Tadao, Light on the Origins of Reiki, Lotus Press, 2007
  • Usui, Dr Mikao and Frank A. Peter, The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui, Lotus Press, 2007

Energy, Auras and Chakras

  • Brennan, Barbara Ann, Hands of Light: Guide to healing through the Human Energy Field, Bantam Books Ltd, 1990
  • Emoto, Masaru, The Hidden Messages in Water, Pocket Books, 2005
  • Webster, Richard, Dowsing for Beginners, Llewellyn Publications, 1996

Anatomy & Physiology

  • McGuinness, Helen, Anatomy & PhysiologyTherapy Basics,  Hodder Education, 200+

Metaphysical Causes of Disease

  • Hay, Louise, L., Heal your Body,  Hay House UK, 2004
  • Shapiro, Debbie, Your Body Speaks your Mind, Piatkus, 2007

Flower Essences

  • Ball, Stephan, The Bach Remedies Workbook. Bach Centre
  • Bach, Edward, Essential Writings of Edward Bach, Bach Centre, 2005
  • Hyne-Jones, Tom, Dictionary of the Bach Flower Remedies,  Bach Centre
  • Tabor, Mary Tabor, The Thine own Self free download
  • Margonari, Neide, Saint Germain Flower Essences, The Twelve Divine Rays, Saint Germain Flower Essences Editions, 2003

You can find most part of the books over internet