Florais de Saint Germain

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Florais de Saint Germain

“Essences treat emotional problems that affect physical well-being.”
Talita M. Lazzuri,  FSG CEO

Located in Brazil, founded in 1997 by Neide Margonari, based on flowers from the Atlantic Brazilian rainforest.

Florais de Saint Germain has 20 years of tradition in flower essence therapy. Our manufacturing is handmade and no electrical machines are used during the process of production. Avoiding totally, electrical interference.

Neide Margonari prepares the flower essences collecting wild flowers from the Atlantic Brazilian rain forest. In this way, our flower essences are effective and fast acting.

Best-selling Flower Essence range in Brazil, with a large network of therapists and users, with more than 53 workshops and courses given around the world (2017).

"We have worked with therapists and health professionals to create courses and workshops in all cities and countries where Florais de Saint Germain has a presence and, as a consequence of this, we have a strong commitment to the use and indication of this line of floral essences." T.M.L

We already export to the US, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, China, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Portugal, Monaco, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Mexico, cover all Americas.

Neide margonari


Florais de Saint Germain  consist in 89 flower essences and 17  ready-formulas. which come in 10 ml bottles with a shelf life of five years. To download our catalogue please click HERE

Currently, we are the bestselling line of flower essences in Brazil and every country that we have started sales operations, we have a continuous growth of sales and a positive feedback from healthcare professionals.

"The focus of flower therapy is on emotional treatment. We believe that some diseases are the result of unresolved emotional processes, and flower essences work at an emotional level. Actually, all potential energy emanating from Cosmos is absorbed and materialised by plants through photosynthesis. Our bio-energy field is healed when we interact with the energy of flower essences."  (Talita Margonari Lazzuri, FSG CEO)

Land of Reiki & Aroma is the face of the Florais de Saint Germain  in the UK

Essences support emotional unbalance that affect our well-being.

"The purpose of the formulas is to promote rapid transmutation of internal patterns that are excessive and that hinder our daily lives. During our lives, we all have some good experiences, and other, not so positive, and it can unbalance our bio energy patterns. With flower essences support, we can re-balance and transmute them, particularly when the cause of this is an emotional issue." explain Neide Margonari, channeler of the Saint Germain Flower Essences system.

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