Saint Germain Ready-Formulas

To download Florais de Saint Germain ready-formula, please click on image 🙂

There is a set of 17  ready-formulas, spray or drops, available to address common unbalances. 

Bottles of 10 ml each, and a shelf life of five years.

“Flower essences are natural, are not medication and they don’t have contraindication.”

How to use

Attention: we suggest taking orally no more than 2 ready-formulas per day; one in the morning and other in the evening.

Unique dose drop version: in a glass with 30 ml of water, add 2 drops from selected ready-formula and take orally once per day.

Unique dose spray version: spray 2 times orally from selected ready-formula, once per day.

Create your own spray room (or for objects, people, animals and plants) using a spray bottle filling with 100 ml of water, add 7 drops from selected ready-formula. Spray twice a day.

For those who are under 18 years old, we suggest to take the unique dose in drops.

Emergencial Formula contains high amount of restorative energy. It can support us to connect quickly with high levels of energy. Its use is suggested in an emergency situation, where events arise and drastic unbalance and impairment of physical body and supra-physical appear, emotional trauma, bad news, irreparable loss by death or departure, situations of great despair, confusion, disasters and so on.

Student Formula can support concentration for apprenticeship, remembering, willpower, organisation and perseverance.

Composition: Thea, Sapientum, Gloxínia, Triunfo, Geranium, Sorgo, Damasc, Patiens, Pau Brasil, Sergipe, Coronarium, Melissa, Allium, Lotus/Magnolia, Arnica Silvestre, Jasmine Madagascar.

Good Night Sleep Formula – For those with excessive uncertainties, endless thoughts, sleeplessness and fears when it’s time to sleep.

Composition: Lemongrass, Verbena, Scorpius, Guava, Mangifera, Cinnamon, Grevílea, Allium, Coronarium, Peace Lilly, Geranium, São Miguel.

Family Formula can support integration between the family members, forgiveness and harmony

Composition: Leucantha Formula, Boa Deusa, Erbum, Peace Lilly.

Stress Formula – can support those who are constantly worried, giving relief and can promote relaxation.

Composition: Emergencial, Boa Deusa, Peace Lilly, Artichoke, Aloe Vera, Bom dia.

Nervousness/Agitation Formula – For those who are feeling tense or apprehensive.

Composition: Damasc, Melissa, Arnica Silvestre, Cotton, Triunfo, Leucantha, Guava, Incensum, Allium, São Miguel, Grevilea, Coronarium, Cinnamon, Scorpius, Plum, Grandiflora, Focum, Verbena.

Leucantha Formula – to restore the link between mother & child. To support those that experienced rejection from their mothers. Giving comfort, welcome and courage.

Composition: Leucantha, Melissa, Unitatum, Sorgo, Sapientum, Embauba, Gevilea, Rosa Rosa, Pau Brasil and Perpetua.

Middle-aged Formula can promote chakra balance, and concerns during difficult times of their life.

Composition: Geranium, Pepo, Bom dia, Gloxínia, Leucantha, Melissa, Lemongrass, Indian Shot, Guava, Embaúba, Allium, São Miguel, Purpureum, Triunfo, Unitatium, Boa Deusa, Piper.

Serenity & Balance Formula – For those who are feeling an unexpected horror or emotional turmoil, experiencing an unknown fear.

Composition: Focum, Guava, Panic grass, Light grass, Silk grass, Populus Panicum

Courage & Balance Formula – For those who are experience feelings of sadness. The formula can help you to feel better, promoting balance.

Composition: Saint Germain, Geranium, Bom dia, Guava, Incensum, Perpétua, Aloe Vera, Gloxínia, Allium, Arnica Silvestre, Pinheiro Libertação, Cocos, Pectus, Vitória, Chapéu de Sol, Indian Shot

Prosperity Formula support us to connect to the energy of abundance.

Composition: Abundância, Boa Sorte, São Miguel, Artichoke, Plum, Cinnamon, Guava, Annis, Begônia, Triunfo, Boa Deusa, Arnica Silvestre.

Protection Formula can convert negative energy for those who are feeling drained, elevating the energy vibration up to the next level.

Composition: Chapéu de Sol, São Miguel, Cotton, Boa Sorte, Guava, Lotus/Magnolia, Carrapichao, Allium, Incensum, Myrthus, Grevilea, Arnica Silvestre

Spirituality & Meditation (Espiritualidade e Meditação) It can facilitate the connection with your inner oracle and inner silence. Activating extra-sensory perception, it is a spiritual tonic.

Anxiety Sensation (Sensação de Ansiedade) can help when we are experience excessive worries, promoting patience, flexibility and tolerance

Detox can promote elimination of physical and energy toxins. It can facilitate eating habits changes

Emotional Support (Suporte Emocional) – For those who have experienced severe emotional upheaval and need support to get up again

Self Steem & Vitality (Auto estima e vitalidade) – it can trigger personal power and brings self-confidence. Bringing vitality and can help boost immune system defences.

The flower essences are natural and part of vibration essences therapy.

Physical imbalance, many times called disease, is a crystallisation of a wrong posture of our personality, it is an energetic disturb and it begins in our supra physical body, etheric, emotional or mental.

Attitudes, words, thoughts, spiteful and negative feelings can blocked the passing of the light through electrons which compound our physical body and supra physical, causing diseases.

These kinds of behaviours are against our inner divinity.

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