Journey to Prosperity

It is necessary to keep connected to the energy of PROSPERITY present in the Universe so that everything flows in harmony in life. It is also necessary to develop a Mind-set so your goals and dreams will come true.

Main Goal

The main goal the Journey to Prosperity is the identification, liberation, and modification of ingrained patterns that are impeding its flow.

Why does the journey bring excellent results?

Because it associates a specific combination of flower essences, a beautiful mix of different oils, called Prosperity oil synergy and practical exercises:

  • Prosperity Flower Essence combination formula will act in the subtle field removing obstacles that prevent prosperity, modifying patterns, neutralising negative emotions, propelling actions and bringing confidence in Divine providence.
  • Prosperity oil synergy will act in the limbic system, promoting a new awareness of prosperity.
  • Practical exercises: they will act around physical and material fields, encouraging actions that will promote significant changes in life.

The set of exercises, flower essence formula and the Prosperity oil synergy will help you to reprogram your standards, and then you can experience your inner power and experiment the manifestation of what it is already yours by Divine right.

Duration of the journey of prosperity:

The journey lasts for 21 days, after completing it the old patterns will be modified and a new awareness of prosperity will be established in your life.

Duration of daily exercises:

Daily exercises can last between 5 minutes and 1 hour. Give yourself time and schedule yourself for it.

Journey to Prosperity

Workshop fee: £ 79.10

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Venue:   Land of Reiki & Aroma  

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Phone: 07967195400

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