Olfactory Pyramid – A symphony of Scents

Start creating your symphony by selecting 2-4 drops of essential oils from the same family, then dilute them in 10 ml of carrier oil (sometimes called vegetable, base or fixed oils). 


CitrusFloralHerbaceousCamphoraceous *SpicyResinousWoodyEarthy
 GrapefruitGeraniumCamomileEucalyptusBlack pepperFrankincenseCedarwoodPatchouli
 LemonCamomile LavenderRosemaryGingerMyrrhSandalwoodVetiver
  Lime Rose OttoPeppermintPeppermint  Juniper 
 MandarinLavenderRosemaryTea tree   Cypress 
OrangeYlang YlangMarjoran Lavender   
NeroliClary sage Lavender   

*Camphoraceous aromatics are medicinal and contain counter-irritant, healing and antiseptic properties. They may also be used in the treatments of colds.

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Next post I’ll be sharing some recipes 🙂