Perfumes & Curiosities

FR_C__te-d_Azur_Grasse_1Grasse is a city in the south of France and knowing as a world capital of perfumes since 18th century. Grasse is responsible to produce 2/3 of natural scents used into perfume production in France.

♣ Hungary Queen’s perfume in the 14th century was the first aromatic alcoholic solution produced.

♣ The perfume came after aromatic incense ceremony and these ritual had spiritual objective. The word Perfume came be divide into two, “Per   fume “meaning “through the smoke”

♣ The difference between old perfumes and the new ones: today we use alcohol and before they used animal oil like base oil.

♣ The water quality used to make perfume has a big impact in final product quality

♣ Essential oils quality also have a huge impact. If you use synthetic essence and not essential oil, the scent will be totally wrong. After this information, be careful !

♣ It’s necessary to have a maturation period, at least one month to perfume stabilisation and fifteen days to room diffuser or spray.perfumes

♣ Preparation method (sequence used to mixture the ingredients) change the final product quality. Then, respect the sequence when you follow a perfume recipe.

♣ Perfume is like a invisible clothes: it revels the person style. A modern women show clear preference for scent lighter like citric ones. Now ones more feminine prefer floral scent. Seductive women love scents like woody. Psychologists found optimist women are attracted by fresh scents like floral notes, because bring back springtime memories.

♣ Settlement secret is founded in the raw material balance. They will determinate how long a perfume stays in your skin. Europe and US tend to use a concentration of aromatic bouquet of 18% to 35% to produce perfumes, now in tropical countries, like Brasil for example, the concentration is between 12% and 15%.

86523694♣ Colours has a big impact, mainly regarding to scent identification. Example: if we add Bergamota into perfume composition into an orange bottle, the customer will associate straight away and soon will discover which scent is inside and it become more successful. Avoid mix the bottle colour with scent colour, consumer will feel confuse and they will not buy.









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