Saint Germain Flower Essences

From the book “Saint Germain Flower Essences – The Twelve Divine Rays“, Neide Margonari makes an alert to the syntoniseurs and issue a clarification to the users of flower essences.


“The floral essences, a supraphysical modality of therapeutic action, are not of the type to be made by machines or in electrical equipment (industrial or not) – from the matrix tincture, stock-solution, solution for use, creams, oils for massage, bottling or even to packaging. The electrical machines create a magnetic field of negative energies that annul the action of the Divine Rays on the floral essences. This noxious method of making floral essences is condemned never to be used, even with the assistance of radionic graphs.

In 1997, I received the internal command to take over my discoveries about the synchronised flowers, to create a system of flower essences, construct the laboratory and solve the bureaucracy of the legal commercialisation. In this period, due to the future possibility of a greater demand, I ordered a small semi-manual electric machine to be made to bottle the small bottles of floral stock-solution. In the middle of 1998 I thought the time had com for the possibility of said machine. With the assistance of my daughter, Talita, we tested the working of the machine with water. After connecting it, I felt a certain drop in the energy of the atmosphere surrounding us, and a certain energetic internal destabilisation, in myself. I reached the point of commenting to my daughter about the doubt of the possibility of the use of this machine. After disconnecting it I felt very intrigued and apprehensive. I felt that there was something there. On that same night, through a dream, I obtained the answer about what I had felt and envisioned. All the process of inversion and annulment of energy that the electric machines cause on the delicate and subtle Divine energies of the flower essences was shown to me. I understood that the purchase of this machine formed p[art of my work, to discover and divulge this evil to the syntoniseur, to the therapists and to the users of the flower essences.”


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