This time I am sharing a post from International House of Reiki, by Frans Stiene.
Very important to make us reflect about our moment and take self-responsibility for our actions.
“People who blame others have a long way to go on their journey.
People who blame themselves are half way there.
A person who blames no ones has arrived”
– Chinese proverb
In this modern day and age there is so much blaming going on. Women blame men and men blame women, people blame governments and governments blame people, husbands blame wives and wives blame husbands, students blame teachers and teachers blame students, we blame nature and nature…oh hang on…nature is just nature it is not blaming anybody.
As we are nature ourselves, we need to learn how to let go of blaming and take self-responsibility. Self-responsibility can help us to grow and blossom, to be like nature, as this is what we really are.
Self-responsibility is about empowering ourselves, standing on our own two feet, living fully in the present moment. Blaming, on the other hand, is often focused on the past. But the past is past; let it go. That doesn’t mean we have to be okay with what has happened in the past, but we need to learn how to let go.
If we keep pointing our fingers at others, we are in fact losing our own self-responsibility and hence we are disempowering ourselves. Plus by blaming others we place ourselves in the role of the sufferer, and the more we blame the more we start to suffer.
But how do we take self responsibility? We can do that through coming back to our self, back to our own centre, our inner light. This we can do through internalising practices like meditation, yoga, tai chi etc…
Self responsibility is not an easy path and that is why so many people instead put the blame on others or on external factors. This may be much easier to do, but in reality it is very disempowering.
So let’s take the step, go inwards, rediscover our own innate power through practices like meditation so that we can take full self responsibility. In that way, we can let things go and be free, free from suffering.