Skin Care – Cleansers

Effective cleansing is an important part of any skin care routine. Grime from the atmosphere combines with the body’s natural oils on the surface of the skin and, if not regularly removed, the result is often clogged pores and spots. Each skin type benefits from different care with a cleanser matched to its particular requirements. Read More

Essential Oils

  “We look at  the mirror every morning, but seconds after, we forget completely how we are … “ Essential Oils are active constituents that act on several systems: lymphatic, immunological, cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory and genitourinary. They are extract normally by distillation of flowers, leaves, bark, and seeds of aromatic plants. They are highly concentrated and should be Read More

Citronella – Essential Oil

  Latin name: Cymbopogon Nardus Family: Graminacea Buying Guide: Colour: Yellow pale Viscosity: watery Aroma: emanates a strong smell of lemon Origins: Brazil, Central America Produced: Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Java, China, Taiwan, Argentina, Brasil, India Description: Citronella or better saying, Java Citronella is a herbaceous plant, perennial cycle and which reaches up to a meter and a Read More

Basil – Essential Oil

  Latin name: Ocimum Cannum Family: Labiatae Purchasing Guide: Colour: Pale yellow liquid Viscosity: Watery Aroma: Sweet, spicy, fresh aroma Origin: Egypt, Madagascar, Spain, Italy Methods of Extraction: steam distillation Chemical constituents: Methyl Chavicol: 71% to 76% & Linalool: 15% to 23%, limonene, camphor, methyl cinnamate and linalool. Main uses: Basil oil is a vital ingredient of Ayurvedic medicines. Ocimum Cannum has a Read More