Emergencial Formula – FSG

Emergencial Formula contains high amount of restorative energy. Emergencial Formula can support us to connect quickly with high levels of energy. Its use is suggested in an emergency situation, where events arise and drastic unbalance and impairment of physical body and supra-physical appear, emotional trauma, bad news, irreparable loss by death or departure, situations of great Read More

Wonderful News !!

A big step in the right direction – Article published on British Flower & Vibrational Essences Association Magazine – Spring 2016.  Rosana Souto – Saint Germain Flower Essences Master Practitioner (BR)  – has kindly report back to BFVEA on her talk at the European Network for Social and Emotional Competence (ENSEC) Conference in Portugal during Read More

Saint Germain Flower Essences

From the book “Saint Germain Flower Essences – The Twelve Divine Rays“, Neide Margonari makes an alert to the syntoniseurs and issue a clarification to the users of flower essences. “The floral essences, a supraphysical modality of therapeutic action, are not of the type to be made by machines or in electrical equipment (industrial or not) Read More