Olfactory Pyramid – A symphony of Scents

Start creating your symphony by selecting 2-4 drops of essential oils from the same family, then dilute them in 10 ml of carrier oil (sometimes called vegetable, base or fixed oils).  Citrus Floral Herbaceous Camphoraceous * Spicy Resinous Woody Earthy  Grapefruit Geranium Camomile Eucalyptus Black pepper Frankincense Cedarwood Patchouli  Lemon Camomile  Lavender Rosemary Ginger Myrrh Read More

Heady Scents

Many carrier oils make wonderful conditioning treatments for your hair. Choose from Jojoba, peach kernel, Argan, and extra virgin olive oil to give your hair a lustrous shine. Select your hair type from the list above and see which essential oils are best suited to you.   Add 2 drops of Rosemary or Sandalwood to Read More