The use of flower essences in Brazil

south americaBrazil, like many other countries, has many issues regarding health system.

Brazilian health system (SUS) cannot cope with demand and to increase the problem, government funds are “diverted” to pay bills of corrupt politicians.

The population suffers constantly. No help or support from government body.
According census 2010, Brasil has 190.755.799 inhabitants, area 8,511,965 sq km.

To cover these needs, charity and ONGs are welcome to help to minimise the problem, working to decrease the awful situation and chaos in many areas.

To have an idea, areas with the size of UK, does not have GP. The use of flower essences in Brazil

Complementary therapies are the tool available and in fact, the only health support that family can have.

People wanted to help are trained in different therapies, flower essences, reflexology, Reiki, massage, herbal medicine.

And to share one of them with you in this article, I chose Flower essences therapy.

Flower essences are regulated and part of Brazilian health system and there are two health system: public, offered by the government, like NHS, and private, when you pay again to have a treatment.

In the UK, despite the special work of Dr. Edward Bach (1886 – 1936 ) Physician, Surgeon, Bacteriologist, Homeopath, Herbalist (M.B., B.S., M.R.C.S, L.R.C.P, D.P.H), flower essence therapy is a big unknown, classified as a food, from NOS, and the most part of people never heard about Dr Bach and his 38 flower essences.

Now, if you look at the situation presented above, in Brazil, flower essences are well know and well established, many companies developed their own system based in Dr Bach work, for example, Florais de Saint Germain, Florais de Minas, Florais de Amazonas etc..

Charities all over Brazil use flower essences therapy to cover many issues and in here I would like to share two beautiful works, Os Seareios – Núcleo Mãe Maria, Campinas city in São Paulo county and Beth Bruno Project, Pará county.

projetoshome5Os Seareiros – Núcleo Mãe Maria, Rosana Souto and more 4 therapists worked there during 15 years, using mainly, Bach flowers, assisting children with terrible emotions imbalances, alleviating suffer of these little hearts.

The 5 therapists were there to listen and to have a better picture of the child emotion issue, they used different techniques, for example asking them to draw a picture, and with the result presented they could analyse and select the correct essence.transformar-650x380

In other opportunity she taught them the 38 flower essences and many ones start to draw family and friends like a flower or tree. One of them used to scream in the corridor, saying to her that he was a Cerato flower and he needed to take it. Many drew the mother like a Chicory flower, and so on.

The Beth Bruno Project built around Dr Bach’s essences that brings his system and other forms of complementary healing to remote areas of Brazil and Father Joseph Dillon is working there since 2006, with flower essence therapy. To know more about it,  there is a video on YouTube

subtitles available


Flower essence therapy helps us to deal with our heartaches.

And I am sure that many of us, in the UK, can be benefited with this beautiful therapy.

Treat the person, not the disease; the cause, not the effect.”
Dr Edward Bach

Thank you and