“Treat the person, not the disease. The cause, not the effect.”

Dr. Edward Bach

Emotional support with Flower Essence Therapy

Flower Essences or remedies  as referring Dr Bach Flower system,  acting as a support during  our process of self-discovering/knowing, where we need to deal with the "invisible component", known as Emotions/Feelings.

Emotional support with Flower essences therapy is simple and effective and can bring  more balance and harmony for our moment today . 

Sol, through a confidential consultation, will be listening to you and a suitable combination (or a mix) of Flower Essences will be selected to be taken orally.

Sol is a registered practitioner (BFRP & FSGRP), working with Bach Flower remedies and Florais de Saint Germain .

As part of the consultation, one or two bottles will be prepared, which  will be taken orally,   4 drops, 4 times per day or added to a glass of water or juice.

Confidential consultation can take place in person or online.
that for Online consultation, the treatment bottles will be dispatched by post, 1st class and it will add postage cost.

  • Flower essences are suitable for adults, children, plants and animals;
  • Flower essences are natural;
  • Non-toxic;
  • Clients do not get addicted to the essences;
  • Do not produce any allergic reactions to those who are allergic to pollen.


More information

How the flower essences are prepared and how do they act in our body?

"There is an electromagnetic pattern, a specific vibration in each plant and consequently in each flower. During the preparation of the flower essence this vibration passes into the water, which is the driving vehicle of this information. By taking orally the flower essence you begin to modulate your own energy, thus adjusting your antenna, attuning everything that surround you. Remembering ... the Universe does not understand words, It understands vibrations." Neide Margonari


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