Vervain – Bach Flower Essence

Vervain is a remedy for stress and gives quiet and tranquillity.

Vervain is for those with fixed principles and ideas, which they are confident are right and which they rarely change; those needing Vervain are determined but highly strung, over-achieving and keyed-up. They put unnecessary effort into everything they undertake, pushing themselves beyond their physical limits. Their minds race ahead of events; they take on too much and try to tackle too many jobs at once.

vervain_bachThose people are strong-willed and hold strong views. Sensitive to injustice and dedicated to causes, often self-sacrificially, their over-enthusiasm can be fanatical, so that they alienate potential allies and converts.

They may suffer from lack of sleep due to their active minds and inability or unwillingness to relax. Demonstrative in speech and movement, they can be irritable, frustrated and annoyed over matters of principle.

The positive potential of Vervain is the person who is calm, wise, tolerant and able to relax. Althrough they hold strong views, they can change them when appropriate and do not need to impose them on others. They take a broad view of life and events.

Positive Vervain people understand, as Dr Bach wrote: “It is by being rather than doing that great things are accomplished.”

The Bach Flower Remedy Vervain, one of the Twelve Healers. This film features Julian Barnard, world renowned Bach expert, in conversation with Nickie Murray.

Reference: An introduction & guide to flower remedies – Bach Centre