38 remedies of Dr Bach course

38 Remedies of Dr_ Bach
Is this workshop right to you?
If you are in one of these situations, probably the answer will be, yes
  • You are searching to find a way to know more about yourself and looking for ways to take your life in your hands,
  • You already started the process and  it will be your first contact with flower essences and you are curious to know more about them,
  • Or you are taking flower essences and you are reading about and would like to improve and have hands on.

One to One class or Small Group

Face to Face or in Person
5 lessons of 1 hour and 30 minutes each one

Course Fee: £ 155.00
Materials, Certificate included

Start any time


At the end of workshop, you will feel confident to choose a mix of flower essence(s) to address your moment and for family members.

Materials and Certificate are included


What will be covering?
  • Who was Dr Edward Bach?
  • Dr Edward Bach life’s work
  • What is Vibrational Essences or Flower Essence Therapy?
  • Is Flower Essences safe?
  • The process of preparation of flower essences
  • The 38 Remedies and his classification according to 7 emotional groups.
  • Plants Audios e videos
  • Study cases 

Meeting your tutor

Solange Carneiro, BFrp

My first contact with Bach remedies was in 1993 more or less. I was working as IT teacher and one of my students told me about this practitioner, who was using flower essences to help clients to deal with unbalance emotions or state of mind/mood unbalance.

I always find myself evolved with these aspects of life, searching for answers, to be better person or dealing with my emotion in a healthy way, tending to prefer natural ingredients and therapies.

At that time, Bach flowers became incredibly famous in Brazil, like a boom, and everybody started to take them. Many books were translated, increasing the amount of people reading and studying more about Dr Edward Bach. I was one of them.

After that, in 1995 I moved to a small coast town called Peruibe in São Paulo County, south of Brazil, and there I attend to my first Bach training. But it was a very informal, non-certification, but took me to another stage, pulling me forward.

The time passed and In April 2010 I landed in this beautiful island, called UK, I met my husband … Many twists and turns and in 2012 I attend a taste course in adult community next my house in Nottingham. 

Next year,  in the end of 2013, searching on Bach Centre website, finally I found Maggie Evans, a lovely and warm lady, and with her I started my journey through Bach Centre Education and all levels was done. Finally in 2017 I became Bach Flower Registered Practitioner.

“All we have to do is to preserve our personality, to live our won life,

to be captain of our own ship, and all will be well.”

Edward Bach

The real nature of the disease is related to forget what we really are