Reiki level 1 Shoden

Reiki Shoden Level 1 Class

The awakening, the beginning
A self-liberating experience

4  lessons of 1 h 30 minutes each  one
one to one class or small group

Course Fee:  £ 187.00

a non-refundable deposit of £ 37.00 is required,  thank you :)

Reiki  Shoden is a unique moment and totally different from a usual course.

There are many ways to learn Reiki, here in Land of Reiki e Aroma by Sol, the class is one to one.

In these 4 lessons/meetings provide an excellent introduction to Reiki healing and is open to anyone age 16 or over (for children too, but one of the parents must be a Reiki student or practitioner)  who is interested in learning this gentle therapy.

Reiki Level 1 /Shoden (a Japanese word meaning "first teachings").
In our practical Reiki level 1 - Shoden course you will learn how to help yourself with an everyday healing practice and how you can help your friends and family as well.

The course will give an introduction to the philosophy, history and theory of Reiki, and many practical exercises to boost confidence with Reiki.

N.B.According to The Reiki Council in the UK, Reiki Online Seminars/Courses are not valid and not suitable for insurance.

reiki principles

Another important aspect is respect for the natural flow of Reiki energy and the empathy between Student and Teacher.

When it occurs, Reiki brings the student to the teacher when he/she is ready and a lesson to be learned not just from the student perspective but vice-versa too.


A Reiki student will be a student always, not matter which level he/she achieved.

I prefer to see every prospective student as clients at least once before the class. It's a great opportunity to meet each other.

Get in touch to arrange your Reiki session.



My Shoden Level experience

When I attended my Reiki level 1 in 1999, my class had more than 15 people and to be honest, I was too shy to say something, so I just payed attention in what my teacher was saying. It was a big number for a small town in Brazil, called Peruibe. My Reiki Master/Teacher Carmencita Ignatti managed the class very well and everybody enjoyed.

Time passed and today I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and the way I teach has changed too. Now I prefer to run a Reiki seminar for small groups (maximum 2) and one to one. The student receives full attention, where questions and personal enquires can be answered more specifically and aware to what the student is experiencing. 

"Learn Reiki is a step towards your self-knowing and self-healing, an awaking experience
where you will be able to see the world in a totally different perspective"


  • 30 minutes Reiki session included
  • detailed manual - The Reiki Manual from Penelope Quest
  • professionally recognised certificate

Times & Date:   please contact to schedule yours

Venue:   Land of Reiki & Aroma  

Huthwaite -  NG17 2SJ
Phone: 07967195400