Florais de Saint Germain Introductory Course


Is this workshop right to you?
If you are in one of these situations, the answer will be: yes
You are searching to find a way to know more about yourself and looking for ways to take your life in your hands,
  • You already started the process and  it will be your first contact with flower essences and you are curious to know more about them,
  • Or you are taking flower essences and you are reading about and would like to improve and have hands on.

One to one Class or Group of three students 

On demand

Blessings from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest to enlighten your life!

Course Fee: £ 197.00
Materials, Certificate included




What will be covering?
  • Brief history of Flower Essence Therapy.
  • Neide Margonari´s call and the Saint Germain flower essences research - composition of and main features of the range.
  • Physics and human nature. Notions of Chakras and subtle bodies.
  • Evidences of flower essences actuation by bioelectrography research.
  • Administration and preparation techniques for people and animals.
  • Saint Germain Flower Essences: presentation of the full range

At the end of workshop, you will feel confident to choose a mix of flower essence(s) to address your moment and for family members.

Solange Carneiro, BFrf & FSGrp

Solange Carneiro-Reiki teacher and practitionerIf you read my brief text about my journey with Bach Flowers, I can tell that with Florais de Saint Germain things happen in such a magical synchrony. I was talking with my sister, and she mentioned her client was looking for someone to become ambassador in the UK of her family company. I became very interested about and when I discovered that it was Florais de Saint Germain, I was thrilled!!
In few months I travelled to Brazil to meet Neide Margonari, Talita e Franco Lazzuri Margonari and since 2016 I am ambassador of Florais de Saint Germain.
From that time until now I have been studying to go deeper into the beautiful world of flower essences, specially FSG.
I am so grateful for this opportunity to spread the word in this workshop!
Thank you!


Come to discover what
Florais de Saint Germain Flower Essences
can do for your life!

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