Reiki Level 2 – Okuden


Reiki Level 2 - Okuden

The Transformation
A self-liberating experience

Four lessons of 1 hour and 30 minutes each one

One to one Class

Course Fee:  £ 206.00 (bank transfer)
£ 210.00 (cards & Paypal)

a non-refundable deposit of £ 37.00 is required, thank you

Mentoring available after the course, four meetings of 30 minutes each, weekly support.
Enquiry for more details!
£ 70.00


Okuden in Japanese means "inner teachings". As the word implies, a deeper understanding and connection to Usui Mikao’s teachings is achieved during this class

Reiki Level 2 - Okuden class is about reinforcing and enhancing your connection, taken more steps to becoming integrated with the Universe, learning symbols - what they really represent and how to use them, learning to establish and trust a strong distant connection for remote healing and opening your psychic awareness for intuitive work.

It is a practitioner level and information regarding the practice will be cover, insurance, Reiki Council guide and health & safety procedures. 

According to The Reiki Council in the UK, Reiki Online Seminars/Courses are not valid and suitable for insurance.

Following the previous seminar, for those who attend Reiki Level 1 with me, classes will hold now just One to One.

It is  important to respect the natural flow of Reiki energy and the empathy between Student and Teacher.


  • detailed manual
  • professionally recognised certificate

I prefer to see every prospective student as clients at least once before the seminar. t's a great opportunity to meet each other.

A Reiki Master/Teacher is someone that may inspires you in your Reiki journey.

Times & Date:  contact me to schedule yours

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